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Since 1985, our goal has been to provide professional window cleaning and exceptional customer service at a great value. We aim for our customers to associate Carefree Clarity with the best window cleaning experience anywhere.

Carefree is a municipality located just north of the Phoenix metropolitan area.   The town was the vision and brainchild of two entrepreneurs K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington who formed a partnership. In the 1950’s they purchased the land now known as Carefree.  These entrepreneurs decided to develop a master planned community and they understood the value of selecting unique street names that would capture the attention of travel writers.  Some of the unique street names include Peaceful Place and Easy Street, Non Chalant Ave and Tranquil Trail.  Carefree has become the destination of residence for many who have embraced the opportunities earned by being successful in business.

When I was a teenager I got my first job bussing tables in one of the restaurants in Carefree’s town center.  While I continued my high school and college years I worked for many small businesses in Carefree.  One was an ice cream parlor, one was a photography shop and another was the local florist.  During that time I learned many trades and came to understand that small businesses provide helpful services to communities.

After graduating from ASU, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, I was not sure what to do with my life.  One thing I did know was that I was not ready to pack my bags and move to Washington.  My parents wanted to help me start my own floral shop, but at the time I was too carefree to take them up on their offer.  I thought that’s too big of an investment for them, too much of a commitment for me.  I wasn’t a good risk for their hard earned money.  After all, I was just 22 years old and one of my top priorities was enjoying life.   One evening while enjoying the company of friends, I was told by my friend that a business man in Carefree put himself through college by cleaning windows and that he was willing to show her how he did it.  She invited me to come along.

The next thing I knew we were enjoying lunch and planning our new business venture.  That’s where I came up with the name Carefree Clarity for the business.  We decided we would begin this partnership and work on the business during our spare time and on our days off from our “real jobs.”  A few short weeks later my friend decided to move to Colorado with her boyfriend, consequently, I moved forward with the business on my own.

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of Carefree I began to develop a system for cleaning windows in the High Sonoran Desert.  Providentially, during those years the architecture of the area began to feature large expansive widows of every shape and type.  This created a unique demand and niche for our services.  With homes having so much glass the task of window cleaning became a little overwhelming for the typical Carefree and North Scottsdale resident.

While being in their luxurious homes, they would tell me stories about their humble beginnings.  They would often reminisce about a time in their lives, like me, when just starting out having chairs around the kitchen table that were perhaps wooden boxes or something from a second hand store.  This gave me a glimpse of what life could hold in my future, if I worked hard and took care of my customers.

Having my own business appealed to me because of the independence and flexibility it could provide… after all I am a Carefree woman.   Carefree Clarity, the business I began just after college, has been very good to me over the years.  Through Carefree Clarity I have had an opportunity to serve the community and the community has looked to Carefree Clarity to provide them with a service they desire.  I am thankful that I do not have to clock-in, but can work my heart out with the flexibility of being an independent businesswoman.

More than 25 years later, I am still an entrepreneur, I have since started many other businesses, not all of them were successful, but with all of them came an opportunity to learn, to be creative, to interact with many people I would normally not get to know and to serve. I enjoy the dynamic of meeting community needs while doing business.  I enjoy being a Carefree woman and living an entrepreneurial, Carefree lifestyle.

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