Since 1985, our goal has been to provide professional window cleaning and exceptional customer service at a great value. We aim for our customers to associate Carefree Clarity with the best window cleaning experience anywhere.


Interior, exterior, mirrors; you name it!


Also known as tint, our film will add amazing benefits to your home.


Waterfed technology to do the job quickly and correctly.


Quarterly, monthly, custom recurring. 


"We have used this company for the past 5 years or so and used them again yesterday. Had to stop and say that they are absolutely fantastic!  They show up on time, their employees are clean and friendly and their rates just can’t be beat.  I’m sure you will be as happy as we are so thanks to Sue and all the other staff members at Carefree Clarity."

Doug S.

Review from

We can provide a broad, ballpark estimate without visiting the home but to provide a firm quote we would need to see the windows. In most cases, we can see all of the windows from the outside of the home, without anyone needing to be present.

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